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In The High-Definition Leader author, Derwin Gray, issues an invitation for church leaders to help their congregations embrace Christ’s call to the early church—a call that crosses ethnic and socioeconomic barriers to create heavenly colonies of love, reconciliation, and unity.

So how can your church transform into a gospel-centered, mission-shaped, multiethnic local church?

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  • In a time when too many pastors and too many churches are content to min- ister among those who look like them, we need leaders with gospel courage and a biblical insight to call us out of monochromatic apathy. Derwin Gray is the right voice at the right time. Read The High-Definition Leader and be energized to see the kingdom of Christ in all its vivid diversity once again.

    Dr. Russell Moore
    resident of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Derwin Gray is a provocative preacher, but an even greater visionary. He has seen what the church of tomorrow must be—indeed, what it should have been all along. This is no high-minded book about theory. He has built what he is calling the rest of us to. If we ignore the truths of this book, we do so at our peril.

    J.d. Greear, Ph.d.
    author of GaininG By LosinG: Why the Future BeLonGs to ChurChes that send and Jesus, Continued . . . Why the spirit inside you is Better than Jesus Beside you
  • Derwin Gray is one of the leaders of an emerging army of men and women who are taking courageous steps of faith to lead, live out, and model the visible unity of the body of Christ. Anchored in God’s Word, The High- Definition Leader is a compelling, prophetic call to be and look like God’s church. Derwin writes not from mere observation and analysis but from engaging credibility. The church he leads is a portrait of the power of the gospel to make us one. Thank you, Derwin, for equipping us and calling us to go beyond a “convenient success” to giving ourselves to God’s holy, noble vision for his church.

    Dr. Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.
    Author, Speaker, Radio Host, Sr. Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church
  • Pastors listen to pastors who do pastoring well, and churches ought to listen to churches that do church well. Theory sounds better on paper more often than it works, but churches that have learned how to be the church in a fast- changing America deserve our ear. Transformation Church in Charlotte and their courageous leader, Derwin Gray, deserve our ear for one reason: they are mapping the path that leads to the multiethnic church, to a high-definition vision of what the church must become in an America increasingly filled with racial tension. Both Derwin’s story and Transformation Church’s are visions of a new kind of church. No vision is more needed in the United States of America because if our churches don’t become multiethnic the word united at the federal level will be mocked by the word divided in the churches. Derwin Gray has a better idea: let local churches lead by becom- ing united churches as a prophetic voice for a more united nation.

    Scot Mcknight
    Professor in New Testament, Northern Seminary
  • This book spoke to my soul. Theologically robust. Prophetic. Passionate. The High-Definition Leader will be must-read material for the young lead- ers I train who have the Christ-exalting, redemptive impatience to lead multiethnic churches.

    Bryan Loritts
    President of the Kainos Movement, Author of riGht CoLor/WronG CuLture
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